Chelsea Cookie Company

Logo & Package Design

Graphic & 3D
Summer 2015
Project Type: Individual
Instructor: Skip Sorvino (School of Visual Arts, New York City)
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Sketch

>> Project Overview

Chelsea Cookie Company(CCC) is an imaginary cookie compay located in Chelsea Market, New York City. Chelsea Merket is an indoor food hall known for its unique industrial character. My task is to design a logo and branding for CCC that relate to its product while also suit the overall industrial feeling of Chelsea Market. My task also includes to make the package design for CCC's cookie products.

>> Color Palette

>> Typeface

>> Package Design

I designed the packages for six different flavors of cookies: Mango Flovor, Blueberry & Cream Flavor, Matcha Flavor, Strawberry Flavor, M&M Flavor. I then made 3D models of the packages and rendered them in Cinema 4D.